Week 4: Hobby

Hobby {living outside the stacks}

It seems almost wrong to write “My hobby is photography.” I’m inconsistent. I don’t pick up my camera nearly as much as I should. Sometimes the images are disjointed. Much of the time the focus is off.

Keyboard {living outside the stacks}

I’m not a writer. I don’t have a way with words. I don’t live or die by the pen. Or the keyboard. I struggle to share thoughts that make sense. And when I do, they tumble out and hit the floor with a thud because no one feels the feel.

Books {living outside the stacks}

Reading used to be my thing. But too much time spent in academia has me reading only what needs to be read and not what wants to be digested.

Instagram {living outside the stacks}

I wonder, does scrolling through Instagram count as a hobby?

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  • Michelle Payne-Gale

    Love this and these images! You seem to shoot more often and with a more consistent style than a lot of professionals. I don’t have a hobby nowadays. Photography used to be my hobby, which I turned side hustle, then main gig. Wondering if I can declare Pinterest as a hobby? Or even better, turn it into a full-time job?!

    • LOL I had to back away from Pinterest. I’m still on there but not nearly as much as I used to be because oh. my. word. I could spend forever on there.

      I’m trying to develop a consistent style and improve my skills, so thank you for your kind words.

  • Audrey McCulley

    I’m determined to do more writing this year!. I’m about to edit my second book. My problem with my hobby is my fear to publish my hobby. I’ve written two book ..really three and the fourth and fifth one is laying in the back of my head,prisoned because I can’t let go of the first 2. Its a vicious cycle and I’m determined to break the chains of fear and enjoy my hobby.

    • I so get that fear. You’re putting yourself out there and it’s so very hard. I’m sending you some “You can do it” vibes!! This is our year!

  • Kelly

    Ohhh that shot of the books speaks volumes-no pun intended-I lol’ed at the IG scrolling hobby! By all accounts it should be! I think you speak from your heart and that’s good enough for me and I adore your photos…enough said!

    • LOL Love the pun! That IG hobby ain’t no joke. I’ll start off just planning to reply to a few comments, and then I’m sucked into the a colorful space of flowers, coffee, and babies. *sigh*

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