Week 5: Natural Light

Week 5 Natural Light #livingoutsidethestacks #TeamLOTS #TeamLOTS52

Week 5: Natural Light

Nikon D7500 | 35mm | f/1.8 | 1/250 | ISO 640

2018 saw the introduction of a new 52 week photography project, which has me totally excited. This year I want to really step out creatively and learn/practice new skills. I’d also really like to do more than just make photos of my morning coffee, although I do enjoy that. If you’d like to join in, I’m using the prompts from Definitely Dreaming. Anyway, I thought I’d let these posts do a sort of double duty, if you will. I’ll share my weekly photo and a few highlights from the week.

So here goes…

  • We survived January. I feel like we’re half way through the year and it’s still the beginning. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.
  • I was able to capture this really beautiful moon photo. I’ve been asked how I get them, so I think it may be time for a little tutorial.
  • I’m not sure what kind of flower that is, but it grows in my backyard and every time I see it I smile and remember that Spring is just around the corner. whew. can you say run on sentence?

What made you happy last week? Share in the comments.

Have a good week,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}

  • Paula Mullins Holloway

    I love your photography Daenel. I was just telling a friend of mine today how frustrating it can be. I took my “fancy camera” (A Canon Rebel T6i) to my grandsons birthday party this weekend and most of the photos I took were blurry and horrible. Low light and active children is a challenge I wasn’t ready for.

    • Thank you. I’m in the process of writing a tutorial for shooting the moon, and then one for shooting with windows. Maybe I’ll add this to the list too. I’m a natural light shooter, so it’s almost always low light for me depending upon the time of day and the season. Children are hard — my grands are rarely still, that’s why I converted a lot of their photos to black and white, it’s more forgiving.

  • As Kellyann said, YOU are a gifted photographer. Are you artistic in other ways? Just had a look at your impressive moon photo. Great capture. And I thought perhaps your flower was a ranunculus but the leaves don’t look right. The leaves of your flower remind me of miniature magnolia leaves. Beautiful, frameable image.

    Great word…harbinger. Poetic. I wish I had the vocabulary of a something other than a kindergartener. In some ways you become who you are surrounded by. Kind of like the way we all wind up looking like our dogs.

    • Thank you so much. I used to draw when I was a kid — decorate envelopes and things when I wrote letters (my mom still has some of them). My dad was an artist and used to use pencils and acrylics. He was incredible. I wish that I had some of his stuff from when we were kids.

      The leaves do look like miniature magnolia leaves (we have full grown trees in the front yard), but this looks like some kind of carnation/rose hybrid. It’s very pretty, very pale, and very pink.

      I make up words too, so don’t be totally impressed. Sometimes people look at me like huh? LOL

  • Kellyann

    That flower really is beautiful and you are no doubt a gifted photographer. 2018 should be the year I actually learn to take a decent photo and learn to use the tripod and timer myself! #goals

    • Thank you. Honestly, it’s mostly been trial and error for me. And, when I’m able, watching YouTube videos. I still have a hard time photographing myself — I haven’t found a good stand in prop, but I’m searching.

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