What I Wore Wednesday #13 and Real Momma, Real Style

It’s a fun meme all about shoes. For more information, click here.

This is my last week of work so I know I’m going to need these challenges more than ever now.  Last time I was a SAHM my wardrobe consisted mostly of the hub’s t~shirts, my own baggy sweats and flip flops.  My hair was always up in a knot on the top of my head.  And I rarely wore makeup.  In fact, when I started my job at Keystone College I made a big production out of tossing my sweats, but I promise you, those things are like Gremlins, they multiply when they come in contact with water and funk.

Wednesday ~ Hanging Out

What I Wore Wednesday

Camisole ~ Kmart
Tank ~ Hanes Men’s T~Shirts, Kmart
Cardigan, Watch ~ Target
Skirt ~ Freebie
Gold Hoops ~ QVC
Necklace ~ Can’t Remember
Bag ~ Coach

Saturday ~ Just Chillin

What I Wore Saturday

Tank ~ Hanes Men’s T~Shirts, Kmart
Skirt, Sandals ~ Dollar General (yes!)
Flower Pin ~ Handmade by Me

Monday ~ Glam Librarian

What I Wore Monday
Tunic ~ Target
Necklace ~ I can’t remember
Flower Pins ~ Michael’s Craft Store
Watch ~ Kmart

Tuesday ~ Stereotypical Librarian

What I Wore Tuesday
Cardigan, Camisole ~ Target
T~Shirt, Watch ~ Kmart
Jeans ~ Old Navy
Flower Pin ~ Handmade by Me

And, um, yeah, my mirror totally needs cleaning.  Yikes!

I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and Nina from Momma Go Round for Real Momma, Real Style.

The Pleated Poppy

Real Momma Real Style

What article of clothing of yours do you think your family would burn if given the chance?

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