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Monday Wrap~Up

I have been so incredibly sore all weekend, to the point where I’ve been walking around looking like something Dr. Frankenstein created. My legs won’t bend, my arms don’t want to hold anything heavier than a cup of coffee and my breasts have totally given up trying to fight gravity…. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband and I aren’t mushy people. In fact, we’re the people who make fun of mushy people. So we almost didn’t bother to celebrate Valentine’s Day but then I found out my friend, KB, was hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner at her coffee shop. Once I saw the menu, […]

Saturday Wrap~Up

Today I was such a slug. I did absolutely nothing ~ my thighs, knees and calves hurt like crazy. Honestly, I think that 30 minute 1 mile walk that I did at the gym yesterday did me in. That’ll teach me… Today was the second day of the Shrinking Jeans […]

Friday Wrap~Up

Guess what I did today? I went to the gym! Now let me explain something, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a real gym. Like 13 long years… I quit going to the gym after I separated from the Army. Actually, I quit going to the gym […]

2nd Annual National Mom’s Night Out

What is the one thing all mother’s need? More time for herself. Moms often feel like they are being selfish or being bad mothers when they take some time for themselves away from their families. And as a mother of four, I can tell you, it’s not being selfish, it’s […]

Thursday Wrap~Up

Maybe I was too happy the other day when I started C25K. Or maybe Global Warming is conspiring against me and causing massive amounts of snow to get dumped on my area. Or maybe I’m just not meant to run. Whatever it is, something is keeping me off the track […]

Kelly Ripa’s Cake Off for a Cause

We’ve all seen Kelly Ripa’s incredibly funny commercials for Electrolux where she demonstrates the wonders of motherhood and how we balance laundry, cooking, sleepovers, parties, pets and, hardest of all, husbands. So it seems only fitting that the two uberforces of motherhood would join forces to raise money for a […]

Weigh~In Wednesday

Today is the final day of the Rethink Your Shrink Weigh~In Wednesday at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. *sniffle* We’ve come a long way, sisters… When I first started this journey, I was feeling all kinds of yucky ~ fat, bloated, undesirable, unhealthy, tired, etc. Now it’s six weeks later […]

Woo Hoo! I Ran Today

I’m fresh off my first day of the C25K program, as in I just got home from the track and I wanted to write this post before I lost my endorphin high. When I first arrived at the track, I was a little intimidated for a variety of reasons: ~ […]

Sports Ties

I am not a sports fan. In fact, I could truly care less about football. What I am, though, is a fan of New Orleans. My love affair with New Orleans started in 1991 when I was a student at Dillard University. There was something about the city that captured […]

Historical Ties

February is Black History Month and I’m never really quite sure how to handle it. Should I write a post dedicated to some aspect of Black history? Should I write a month long series? Should I just ignore it and move on? I think my attitude reflects the conflicted world […]

Product Review: POM Wonderful

I’m a big fan of the exotic ~ be it person, place or thing. If it’s different I’m drawn to it (just ask my poor children who have to go through life with names like Anjuli, Jazmine and Arkese). But I especially love exotic foods (seriously, there is almost nothing […]