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What I Wore Wednesday #18

This week, Aubree challenged her readers to wear something they’d either thrifted, free~piled or got for cheap and since I love a good sale, this was a relatively easy challenge for me.  Just about every outfit has an article of clothing that was either gifted or purchased on sale.  I […]

Shoe Style Saturday

There is no story to go with these wedges.  I saw them, I wanted them, I don’t wear them.  That is all.  Well, no, that’s not all.  I don’t wear them because they cut off the circulation in my legs because I tie the straps so tight.  I tie them […]

What I Wore Wednesday #17

What I Wore Wednesday Tunic ~ HSN Skinny Jeans ~ Deb’s Bangles ~ Everywhere Sandals ~ Family Dollar I love the tunic, I just don’t wear it very often because I don’t know how to wear it. It’s long and came with a gold rope belt which looked a lot […]

Shoe Style Saturday

A few weeks before we left Pennsylvania, my mother called me up and said “As soon as you arrive, we’re going to this shoe store.  I found the perfect pair of shoes for you.’  She went on to try and describe the shoes to me and to tell me how […]

The River Walk

Crazy Days of Summer: Blue Skies

Welcome to the final edition of the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge! I just found out that I was mistaken, there’s one more week left.  Yay!  So be prepared to read this exact same post next week but with different pictures… I’ve enjoyed this challenge so much.  Seeing the […]