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Sunday {What I Wore Sunday}

Five {What I Wore Wednesday}

Are You a Shoe Girl? Please Join Me on Saturday for Shoe Style Saturday! (click here for more information) So what happens when a hippie dresses all professional like? Well, what you see below… This is what I wore to church last Sunday. I haven’t been able to fit in […]

Shoe Style Saturday

Shoe Style Saturday

I didn’t really do much this week, between the chilly weather and being a bit lethargic, I just haven’t gotten out much. Last night, we went to church {the second night of our men’s conference} and I wore the shoes above. I’ve had them for at least 3 or 4 […]

Roses {This or That Thursday}

Evidently, I’m not very observant because I didn’t notice these beautiful roses growing on the side of my house until a few days ago. It makes me wonder how many other things go unnoticed in my home… Guess I should go figure out where I left the kids. I’m linking […]