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Instagram Model aka Dragonfly {living outside the stacks}

Week 23: Instagram Model

Whenever my daughters come for a visit, a dragonfly lands on their truck and stays until they leave. I mean, he’ll fly over to the bushes and hang out on leaf or disappear at points during the day, but at some point, he ends up back on their truck. I’ve […]

GA House {living outside the stacks}

Things Are Getting Real

I realized that I never gave a tour of our home when we first moved in {even though I’d said in numerous blog posts that I would}. So, I guess it’s better late than never, right? Welcome to our space… Do you see those beautiful transoms? Yeah, those are what […]

After the Storm {living outside the stacks}

Week 22: After the Storm

For the past 8 or 9 days, The Hubs and I have been living in our RV while we house hunt in Louisiana and visit family in Mississippi and Texas. Usually, these RV stays are peaceful… This week, however, we’ve had more than our fair share of storms. We had […]

Please Read: My Privacy Policy

I know y’all have probably been inundated with updated Privacy Policies, at least I have. Anyway,I wanted to share mine with you all, so here it is: Who we are Living Outside the Stacks is a lifestyle blog that focuses on faith, style, and photography. Our website address is: […]

Squeekerz {living outside the stacks}

Week 21: This is Not the Dog Spa

I know I shared this photo on Instagram, but it’s just so funny that I had to share here… Whenever we take Squeekerz for boarding at the vet, we tell him that he’s going to the dog spa. On this particular day, when I opened the car door at the […]

Daenel {living outside the stacks}

Just a Thought

I can’t remember what I was doing or where I heard it but I think it may have been a radio show or a podcast… Anyway, the host and the guest were talking about how mean everything has become: politics TV shows people And, ya know, listening to them talk […]

Life is a Highway {living outside the stacks}

Week 20: Life is a Highway

Little known fact, I’m a big fan of Rascal Flatts. Every time I get in the car, I just wanna pump up “Life is a Highway” and sing to the top of my lungs… Am I the only one who turns car rides into full fledged concerts complete with chair […]

Moving On {living outside the stacks}

Our Happy News

For the past few days, I’ve been vague posting and deleting and starting again and deleting again because, until now, I haven’t had permission to share the news that I hinted at on Instagram a couple of days ago. But The Hubs gave me the thumbs up, so here goes: […]

Week 19 Magnolia Flower Black and White {living outside the stacks}

Week 19: Magnolia Flower

Week 19: Magnolia Flower Edited Edited in PicMonkey and Lightroom 2018 saw the introduction of a new 52 week photography project, which has me totally excited. This year I want to really step out creatively and learn/practice new skills. I’d also really like to do more than just make photos […]