Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Blogging Through The Gospels: Matthew 4


SOAP RingMatthew 4:1~2

1 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  2 And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.


I looked up the word “tempt” in the dictionary and Webster’s defines it as “to cause to be strongly inclined”.  I don’t think people fully realize the power of the word “tempted,” that means for just one split second there was a maybe… Although God doesn’t tempt or cause people to be tempted, He does allow temptation to befall us so that we, like Christ, can decide which way we’ll choose.  God’s sovereign purpose in allowing Jesus to be tempted was to show us that we can face temptation and overcome it.


There have been times in my life when I’ve felt temptation pulling me to do things that I shouldn’t do or say things that I shouldn’t say and not all of the time have I had the strength to say “Be gone, Satan!”  But realizing that Jesus, in his weakened condition (Dude, forty days without food or water?  Think about how we are if we go without our Starbucks for a day or two), was able to face all manner of temptation and quote scripture to strengthen himself was inspiring.


Dear Heavenly Father, temptation is all around us ~ the Internet, television, books, people ~ things that can draw our attention away from You.  Help me to focus on You so that I’ll never be found in a weakened state.  And when I am feeling weak, give me strength.  When I’m feeling fearful give me courage.  Keep me in Your perfect will and under Your divine protection.  Amen.

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