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The Art Park

A couple of days ago, The Hubs and I decided to take a drive around downtown Albany because we were bored and wanted to get out of the house. As is my habit, whenever we go somewhere, I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door. As we were […]

Browns Diary #LOTSAbandonedBeauty {living outside the stacks}

Abandoned Beauty {Dawson, GA}

We’ve been in Georgia for a year now. I can’t believe it. In some ways it feels soooo much longer and in other ways it feels like I’ve only just arrived. I’m still adjusting to things here. The people here are so incredibly polite. Every time someone says “Yes, Ma’am” to […]

Windsor Hotel Americus Georgia {living outside the stacks}

Monochrome Monday: Americus, GA

On Friday, The Hubs and I spent some time in Americus, Georgia. We’ve been there once before to visit a sweet little store called The Maze, but we didn’t do very much sight seeing because it was kind of chilly and a bit drizzly. This time the weekend was perfect, so […]

Gecko {living outside the stacks}

Our Housemate

The kids moved out and this guy moved in. Fortunately, he doesn’t take up much space and prefers to stay outside. When I first noticed him, I ain’t gonna lie, I screamed. I mean, there was a baby alligator a couple of feet from my face. I’m exaggerating. Kind of. He […]