Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Coffee Talk: Gratitude and Money

Coffee Talk {living outside the stacks}

I’d like to welcome you to Coffee Talk. In case you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever. And, who knows, there may even be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

So grab a cup of coffee {or tea or whatever floats your boat} and let’s talk…

  • How was your Thanksgiving? We celebrated our first Thanksgiving without all of the kids in the house. For some reason, I never thought that day would come. I just assumed that everyone would come back: our kids, their new families, perhaps a tag~a~long or two from their in~laws. It never occurred to me that our house would never not be the place of raucous laughter, clanking dishes, turkey enduced slumber, and cranberry sauce sliced perfectly along the lines.Nothing really prepares you for that…

    The Hubs, our two youngest daughters, and I had a small dinner. Our oldest daughter is very pregnant and on bedrest, so she spent Thanksgiving with her husband and kids. Our second daughter had to work Thanksgiving evening, so travel was out of the question for her. So our son spent time with her so she wouldn’t be alone. I asked and I heard something about tacos for dinner. I heart my kids.

  • Anyway, Sherri Shepherd has been ordered to pay $4100 per month in child support. blink And when the child turns thirteen the monthly payments increase to $4600. passes out Y’all, I have five children, four of whom are in college, and it doesn’t take me that much per month to support them. I am, of course, operating under the assumption that Shepherd’s ex~husband is also being required by the courts to cough up $4100 per month to care for this almost two~year~old child. I realize that Shepherd has money and that the baby became accustomed to certain lifestyle {in other words, the child should not be living in squalor because the parents are no longer together}, BUT I sometimes get the feeling that child support is used as a method to punish the non~custodial parent. And before anyone thinks that I’ve been burned by child support or anything, let me say this: I am good friends with The Hubs ex~wife. She was and is a wonderful mother and I’m thankful that she trusted me enough to love and care for her daughter when she came to our home. I’m just thinking about the “normal” folks who’ve had child support payments assessed to the point where they can barely eke out a living. And, gosh, if they decide to have a second family they can almost forget about ever truly living.
  • And speaking of gratitude and money, seriously, what is with folks punching each other to save a couple of bucks on an item that’s gonna end up in the back of the cabinet? I just don’t get Black Friday and the violence. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather over pay than go out in that mayhem.

Now it’s your turn, what’s on your mind?

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