Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Day 2: New Year, New Me

Food Journal

Breakfast ~ 2 Cups of coffee with 3 sugars and 3 creams each, 2 slices of bacon
Lunch ~ Serving of broccoli, rice and chicken bake with a glass of iced water
Dinner ~ 2 Servings of sweet potato casserole (no topping), pork chop and 1 serving of green beans with a glass of iced water
Well the one thing I’ve noticed about my eating habits so far is that I really need to eat more. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person, but maybe I need to try it. I made a big breakfast for my family this morning but I only ate 2 pieces of bacon. I think this is why I eat so much at night. So starting tomorrow I’ll have to try the breakfast thing. Maybe some oatmeal? Hmmm…
Wii Active Journal: 30 Day Challenge
Here are my stats for today:
Projected Calories Burned ~ 116.1
Actual Calories Burned ~ 138.8
Time ~ 27.49 Minutes
Exercise ~ 18/18
The Kick Ups totally kicked my butt! I would so rather run twenty laps than do those things and I am not a runner. My thighs are sore, so I guess that means that it’s working. I also won a few trophies: one for reaching 25 laps and one for 100 calories burned. I am totally feeling the love from my Wii right now!
Pedometer Reading
Steps ~ 3104
Miles ~ 1.224
KCal ~ 135.8
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