Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

HGTV Should Have a Disclaimer

I sat at home all day Monday afternoon watching HGTV and decided, after watching numerous make over shows, I can do that! My kitchen’s been needing an update for a while now, it’s a bit too country for me. Yeah, I did it but I was going for exotic but I missed the boat…big time!

So I came up with a plan:

1. Paint the lower cabinets black and replace all the old white hardware with stainless hardware for a chic modern look
2. Paint the upper cabinets coffee bean brown and replace that hardware so it matches the lower cabinets
3. Sit back and enjoy my handiwork

This did not happen. What really happened was:

1. Counted the drawers and cabinet doors for my trip to Lowe’s
2. Arrived at Lowe’s checked my notes, and thought, hmmmm, do I really have that many cabinets? Did a mental check and decided I must have counted wrong and bought too few of everything. Eyeballed the hinges and thought ooooohhhhhh, pretty, they’ll fit. They didn’t.
3. Purchased paint (Dark Kettle Black), supplies and hardware
4. Removed all the doors, drawers and hardware and started painting.
5. Watched a little tv while I waited for the paint to dry and, guess what, the cabinets stuck to the floor, the plastic and the paper that I had them drying on
6. After an hour and a half of peeling…And a trip to Lowe’s for new hinges
7. I started attaching the new hardware and, guess what, I didn’t have enough hardware either. Back to Lowe’s
8. Purchased the new hardware, hung the lower cabinets and realized that I DID NOT want to paint the upper cabinets brown but olive
9. I drove back out to Lowe’s to pick up the new paint color, Night Safari, came home and started painting
10. The casing is olive and, after much discussion with the husband, the doors are going to be black with the silver hardware
11. Now that I’m almost finished, I’ve looked at the walls and trim and decided they need updating too

So what was supposed to be a two day project has turned into a week long endurance test that has me making multiple trips to Lowe’s and evicting my family and dog from the kitchen. My plan now is to finish painting the doors (it is now 11:20 PM) and then make another trip to Lowe’s to get wall and trim colors.

Let this be a warning to all, it’s really not as easy as it looks on tv.

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