Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Holding Steady

Another month, another weigh in. I thought for sure I would’ve lost more by now. In fact, I was feeling rather discouraged until I talked to The Hubs and he pointed out that I’ve managed to maintain the weight loss, something that a lot of people have a hard time doing. Something I’ve had a hard time doing in the past.

I think I’ve just reached that plateau and it’s time for me to shake things up. I just don’t know what I want/need to do. Do you have any suggestions? Please share them in the comments below.

August 2016 Weigh In {living outside the stacks}

There are no body shots this month. I just barely got this post finished. I think I’m in need of a blogging break… I feel a bit of burn out coming on…

So I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.

The Stats:


  • Current weight: 160.4 lbs
  • Current Waist: 32.5 in
  • Current Hips: 42.5 in


  • Starting Weight: 164 lbs
  • Starting Waist: 34 in
  • Starting Hips: 43 in

If you’re on Fitbit, send me a request and let’s encourage each other.

If you’re thinking about buying a fitness tracker or upgrading your current model, check out my review of the Fitbit Blaze here.

I’ll be posting my stats the second Monday of the month and linking up with Fatima at Off the Potomac for Operation Snap Back™ at the end of the month. Feel free to follow Operation Snap Back™ on Instagram for photographic inspiration.

Be healthy,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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