Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

I’m Getting Physical

Ok, really, I’m not trying to bring back the leg warmers but I am trying to move this thang (come on, you know you totally jammed to this back in the day). I have gained about eight pounds since I left my job almost a month ago. Yeah, I know, scary!

I figure if I keep up that trend I’ll be, well, I’ll be much heavier and a lot unhealthier than I want to be. Now I’ve tried different exercise programs before:

*Curves – quit going after a couple of weeks because my schedule was so hectic that I just couldn’t find the time to keep up a regular schedule

*Walking around the neighborhood – there was a bear spotting and that ended that

*Step machine – got totally bored with stepping on and off the platform

I had been begging my husband for a treadmill but upon looking around the house I realized I don’t have anywhere to store it. Correction, I don’t have anywhere I want to store it. What to do? What to do? On a whim, I ended up buying the Wii Active.

I used the Wii Active for the first time this morning and, let me tell you, I am impressed. I know other people have been on the Wii Active/Wii Fit band wagon for a while now but I love being fashionably late. I like the clear instructions (except for the whole nunchuck/remote thing – ok, you have to be smart enough to know the difference and apparently I am not because it took me a minute to figure out it out). I have it set to the 30 Day Challenge with the hopes that I will be excited/interested/engaged long enough to make the entire 30 days. What do they say, it takes 30 days to drop a bad habit? Hopefully, I can pick up a good habit in less time.

My stats for today are:

Calories burned: 104.2

Work out time: 23:25

Exercises completed: 16/16

Exercising and adding more water to my diet should put me on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle, right? Right.

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