Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Looking in the Mirror

There’s been a pretty significant time lapse between my last post and this one, soI know you’re wondering what I’ve been doing? Or, at least, I’m hoping *someone* out there wonders. Smile. Kinda.

Well, I’ve been going through a period of self discovery. I needed to separate myself from my career as a librarian/archivist and try to rediscover who I am as a person. Honestly, I don’t have it all figured it out but I did come to the realization that my career does not define me. Trust me, this is big!
Leaving my job was a bit like watching my kids leave the nest. My career was something that I had nurtured and developed from infancy to, well, maybe not maturity, but at least to the teen years. So letting it go left me feeling a bit empty and unsure of my place in the world. Parents whose children have left home understand the feeling. You look around at this empty house and think What next? You look at your spouse and wonder Who are you?
Much of my life, both online and f2f, centered on being a librarian or being an archivist. All of my friends are in the field. My writings are primarily dedicated to some form of librarianship. So now I have to try to develop outside interests – something that keeps me connected to the things that I love (reading, finding answers, research, etc) but also encourages me to move outside of my comfort zone.
I’m going to take this time (while job hunting) to try things I’ve never tried before. Maybe enroll in some classes just for fun. For example, I have always wanted to learn to knit and I know that the craft store offers basic knitting classes, so maybe I’ll enroll in that. Or join one of the book discussion groups at one of the local bookstores.
Of course, I’ll blog about my experiences and let you know how things are working out for me. But if I should find myself wandering through the stacks again, I really wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

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