Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts

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Just wanted to share some random thoughts from my sick bed.  See, even when I can barely breathe and I’m certain my lungs are one good cough away from hitting the wall, I’m still thinking about you…

  • On Thursday my kids decided to have a long drawn out discussion about how much they hate the word “moist”.  I asked them to stop sharing with me and was told “But you share our lives on your blog, so we’re only following your example.”  Ummm,  yeah, do as I say, not as I do, kids!
  • And speaking of hard headed, disobedient kids, did y’all hear about that second grader that was pepper sprayed by the cops?  No?  Go here for the story.  I’ll wait.  Y’all, I wanted to pepper spray the mother by the time the segment was over.  Her son had ripped the molding from the walls, thrown chairs across the room and threatened to kill his teachers before the cops arrived and continued to do so even after they showed up and Mom (who is practicing her own special brand of denial) had the audacity to say the police should have talked him down?  Are you frigging kidding me?  Girlfriend, if he’s like that now, imagine what that little boy is gonna be like when he’s a teenager.  Stop making excuses for him and help him to get his temper under control or your next interview is gonna go something like “I’m so sorry for the lives that were lost but….”  Do you think the cops were wrong?
  • Friday I went to see Miss 17 in her school’s production of Cinderella.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, I mean it’s a high school musical but, lemme tell ya, those kids did an amazing job.  The sets were fabulous and the singing was incredible.  My daughter’s character was “Snooty Dancer.”  She was appropriately snooty.
  • I spent all day Saturday in bed sleeping.  Except for the 15 minutes it took me to convince the girls to let me drive them to the grocery store to get some chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.  I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than going out in public in your jammies, knowing you don’t have to get out the car ’cause your kids are old enough to indulge your crazy.
  • I’ll be glad when William and Kate get married so I don’t have to hear anything else about the royal wedding.  Seriously, did we become a colony again and no one tell me?  What the heck?  We didn’t get this much coverage when Chelsea Clinton got married and she’s AMERICAN.

So what’s up with y’all this weekend?  Are you having spring like weather or did you get snow like we did earlier this week?