Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts

Loose ThreadsHey, I’ve been sorta busy with Twitter lately, I’m participating in the Library Day in the Life Project this week so my life has been consumed by all things library.  If you’d like to find out what librarians do, you can read my post or view my pictures on Flickr or read through my Tweets.  Anyway, here are some random thoughts that have been floating around inside my head…

  • Yesterday one of the library patrons told me about a woman who bought a little over $200 worth of groceries for $8 using coupons and a store card.  What?!  That sorta money saving thing is like Big Foot, people know about it and some believe it exists but no one’s ever seen it with their own two eyes.  Do you use coupons?  What’s the trick? ‘Cause I never see coupons for anything my family uses.  But it’s my mission to get the hang of that couponing thing ~ I have 4 teenagers and a husband at home.  THEY EAT A LOT!
  • My son sent me a picture of a box that he made in his wood shop class for a girl that he likes.  I hope she appreciates it.  The box is beautiful.  I’m so proud of my boy but I’m also sad that he’s growing up.  I’m trying real hard not to be that mom but I really wanna go down to the school, corner Miss Missy and tell her she better not break my son’s heart.
  • I’m so tired of the cold.  We have been stuck between -9° and -11° for the past week.  Today it hit 30° and it was like a heatwave.  Students were walking around in fleece hoodies and sweatshirts….  There’s something wrong with that.
  • I learned my lesson about trying to be romantic with the husband today.  Because we work opposite schedules, I don’t really get to see him until the weekends, so I usually call him on my way to work just to chat for a few minutes.  Anyway, today I decided to serenade him with that Stevie Wonder classic “I Just Called to Say I Love You”.  So he answers the phone and I immediately start singing, he mumbles something and quickly hangs up.  I’m stunned.  How dare he ruin my romantic overtures?  About 30 minutes later he calls me and tells me that he was in the middle of a meeting and everyone heard me singing. Niiiice.