Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Losing Weight and Getting Healthy #9 {#Cinchspiration}

Whelp, I’m back on the workout bandwagon. It seems that what I really needed to do was focus and, um, workout. Go figure. I’ve also determined that I prefer working out in the evening to working out in the morning. It’s just too hard to crawl out of my cozy warm bed… And, yeah, I know if I want it bad enough I’ll deal. Not really, as long as evening workouts are an option, I’m good.

Two of my favorite workouts right now are from Fit Sugar. They’re both 10 minute routines, so I do them both and I walk about a mile every day with my co~workers. You can find my workout routines by going here. When we don’t walk, I get up and move around during the day. I also bought a new pedometer because I lost mine. I’ve stopped trying to get 10,000 steps a day, it was such a bummer whenever I missed the mark. So now I aim for 70,000 steps per week. So. Much. Less. Pressure.

#Cinchspiration Weigh In

Weight Change Since Last Week:  -1.4 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 5 lbs

Goal Weight: 135 lbs


The eating is going well. Or, at least, better than it was. All last week I was craving Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, so I indulged. I don’t know whether that hurt or help me. I stuck with the meal replacement shakes and/or bars for breakfast and dinner, so that wasn’t really an issue. I also started drinking more coffee than usual. I know, you’re asking how is that even possible? It is. I’ve started doing a 2:1 ratio with the water, for every cup of coffee, I drink two cups of water. That seems to be working out well for me.

My goals for this week are to:

  • keep up the evening workouts
  • eat more vegetables
  • get 70,000 steps by the end of the week

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Please keep cheering me on, remember your words of encouragement, support and advice are so very important to me. Thank you!

Disclosure: I am receiving free Cinch® Inch Loss Plan products from the Shaklee Corporation in exchange for my participation in the #Cinchspiration campaign. All opinions are my own.