Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Mamavation Monday

So this was an incredible week as far as workouts go. Last week, I decided to rotate my workouts because I wasn’t seeing much change in my body and my weight loss was yo~yoing. Well, it worked!  Not only do I feel better but I can see a difference.  My pants are a little loser in the waist and that bloated feeling that’s been plaguing me for the past few weeks has disappeared.  It’s amazing what a little shift can do.  I worked out every day this week except for Saturday, I flipped it and went for a walk with my sister~in~law on Sunday.  The walk was great ~ I was able to walk up the steep hills without huffing and puffing or wanting to keel over.  That’s something I wouldn’t have been able to do four months ago.  So, go me!

The one thing I still need to get under control is my eating.  I’m an emotional eater and this week has been one big honkin cry fest filled with lots of salty foods and *gasp* sodas.  Can I tell you, job hunting in this economy can knock even the most self confident person to the ground?  But I do know that I need to lay off the high calorie, high fat count fast foods.  Friends have suggested that I give Subway a try because they have tasty sandwiches that are healthy and low in fat.  The Black Forest Ham may be the first one I try, it looks delish! 

So my goals for this week are:

*Continue with my exercise plan from last week, it seems to be working for
*Find healthier food alternatives for when I get the munchies
*Keep up with water consumption

And now for the numbers:

Today’s Weight:  157.6 lbs
Last Week’s Weight:  158.9 lbs (-1.3 lbs)
Goal Weight:  140 lbs

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  This post is my entry into the Mamavation Blogging Carnival that is being sponsored by Subway.

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