Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Mamavation Monday

Let’s see, I had a good week.  My daughter, Miss 16, and I participated in National Run a Mile Day.  National Run a Mile Day was actually 6~8 May and it was established by the American Running Association to encourage adults, parents and kids to see the fun in running a mile.  My daughter and I definitely had fun.  And who would have guessed that some day I’d be running by choice?  I used to always say even if someone was trying to kill me I’d really only walk very fast….now I’m running a mile and enjoying it.  Ok, waitLet me stop right there I didn’t really run I slogged, but still I was moving and that’s all that mattersRightRight.  More importantly, I got a new running partner out of the deal.  Miss 16 has promised to start running with me as soon as the school year ends.  Yay!  Mother~daughter bonding while getting fit.  Hopefully, I can encourage the other three to join us.

I didn’t eat as healthily (is that a word?) as I could have this week but it wasn’t a total bust either.  I ate only when I was hungry but I made the mistake of trying baked pita chips ~ Ohmygoshsoflippindeliciousandaddicting!  I have found my kryptonite.  Seriously, you want to find out anything from me, offer up some baked pita chips.  So on the positive side, I managed to fight the emotional eating that plagued me last week but on the bad side I now love baked pita chips.  Ah well

I’m drinking more water.  In fact, I keep a bottle of water on my night stand and my husband and I keep the mini fridge in our bedroom fully stocked.  Now there are no excuses.  It’d be nice if we could keep our fridge stocked with AquaHydrate!

My healthy commitment for this week is to continue running and maintain the workout schedule that I established last week.  I’d also like to incorporate more fresh vegetables into the family diet but that’s gonna take time.

I’ve also done my part for the Mamavation Go Green Campaign.  I bought a stainless steel travel mug from DesignHerGals so that I can stop killing trees and possibly harming myself with the leeching of that nasty plasticy lining from the disposable cups into my drinks.  And the shameless self promotion doesn’t hurt either.

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  This post is my entry into the Mamavation Blogging Carnival that is being sponsored by AquaHydrate.

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