Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Mamavation Monday

This week begins week 2 of my New Year, New Me challenge and I am so incredibly excited and proud of myself. Honestly, this is the longest I have ever stuck with any exercise program. I think one of the biggest reasons is that I’m accountable to someone other than myself. Seriously, if you are trying to lose weight, you really need to get a support system. The ladies at Mamavation have been the best crew ever ~ they do some serious cheerleading. And I can’t forget @pete_cohen, the first dude of Mamavation!

The cool thing is that I’ve not only changed the way I feel about exercising but I’ve started changing the way I think about food and how it affects my overall health. So there are definitely some internal changes that are taking place. Yay! Changing my thought process has to be one of my biggest successes, therefore, my next greatest success would have to be consistency. I have exercised consistently every day ~ even when the Wii said I was supposed to be taking a “rest” day. I used those days to focus on my upper body (I hate that wave waddle thing that I have going on and this summer I will wear a tank top without being embarrassed!). I used to think people who said they were more energetic after exercising were full of bunk but now I kinda get it. I do feel like I can do more. I know that my endurance level has definitely increased. When I first purchased my Weider Step, I could barely manage 3 minutes without huffing, today I was able to last 9 minutes and 38 seconds. Go me!

Oh, wait, how could I forget?! I LOST 2 LBS!!!!

As far as disappointments or struggles go, I’m still struggling with the eating part. Although I have started to change the way I think about food, I have a hard time incorporating meals into my day. I’m so used to surviving off coffee, a few snacks here and there and then a big dinner. I realize this needs to change because healthy eating is a large part of what will help me meet my goal of becoming healthier. I also need to get some fresh fruit into this house. I’ve been snacking on lightly salted rice cakes but I’d really like to munch on something with, oh, I don’t know, some taste.

My goal for this week is to increase the time I spend exercising. Right now I’m averaging about 18 minutes or so, but I feel like I can do more. I’m going to up the difficulty level on the EA Sports Active from easy and see how that works for me. I’d also like to burn more calories. I’ve been exceeding my target calorie burn goals on the Sports Active, but I want to hit the 500 calorie burn mark this week.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the applicants for Mamavation, please do so now. If you have a twitter account, log on and show the ladies some love and support. Also take some time to read the Mamavation Monday posts too!

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