Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Mamavation Monday


We have our first Mamavation Baby!  That is so cool and exciting.  Kia is beginning the adventure of a lifetime and I wish her all the love, peace, joy and patience she needs to be the best mom she can be…

Summer vacation has started!  My kids had their last day of school last Tuesday, so they are now home to disrupt my life.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Well, the joke’s on them.  Instead of sitting around and vegging between cries of “I’m bored”, they’re gonna be out getting some exercise.  In fact, I’m writing this post on a Sunday night because tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym early, come home and grab Miss 16 so we can go for a run/walk and then later (if the weather holds out) I want to take all four kids for a walk to see the preparations for River Fest on The River Common ~ a new scenic walking path and outdoor stage along the Susquehanna River.

Last night I made the mistake of eating fast food for dinner.  I learned two things about myself:

1.  I’m too old to eat past 7 PM

2.  Fast food does not agree with me

I have been feeling sick ever since ~ like the food is just stuck in my throat.

I never want to feel like I did last night.  It was awful!  So from now on dinner will be eaten no later than 7:30 PM and it will only consist of healthy stuff.  I’ve located my Live Longer Cookbook and I plan to cook my way through the book this summer.  I will post pics of everything I cook on flickr along with the recipes.  Fortunately my family is pretty open minded when it comes to food (well, except my son who is a vegetarian in name only ~ he eats chicken and ground beef but swears he doesn’t eat meat).

As far as exercise goes, I slacked off this week because of a persistent headache.  This week I’m much better (except for that whole fast food episode) so it’s back to the gym…  I’m pretty excited because I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish since I haven’t been able to work out.  Funny how that goes, huh?

Anyway, my healthy commitment for this week is to cook healthy meals and keep my kids and myself away from the junk.  I also plan to hit the gym for 5 of 7 days and the track for at least 3 days.

Now for the stats:

Weight ~ 160.4 lbs
Bust ~ 39.5 in
Waist ~ 35 in
Hips ~ 43 in

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