Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

My Favorite Droid Apps

Android MarketA couple of months ago I traded my BlackBerry Storm in for a Motorola Droid which I immediately regretted.  In fact, the only reason I kept it longer than a few days was because my husband told me I needed to take some time to customize the phone play with it to see if I really didn’t like the phone.  I’m so happy that I listened to him.  He was right.  Please don’t ever tell him that I said that.  I absolutely positively heart my Droid.

Here are a few apps that have made my Droid so much more fun to use:

Health and Fitness

My Fitness ~ Easily track water intake, calories and exercise


Evernote ~ Capture information, share ideas, quickly


Google Sky Map ~ Point your phone at the sky and Google Sky Map will show you the stars, planets, constellations, etc

Kindle for Android

US Traffic ~ Simple app that shows traffic report for your neighborhood


Barcode Scanner ~ Scan barcodes on products and then look up the price, review, nearest store, etc.

Google Goggles ~ Take pictures of art work, landmarks, books, etc and the phone will search Google for information about the item

Grocery IQ ~ Create shopping lists either by typing in items or speaking into your phone; can also get coupons (haven’t used this feature yet but plan to on the next shopping trip)

Social Networking

Facebook for Droid

Foursquare for Droid

Seesmic ~ Allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts on an easy~to~use interface

Do you have a Droid?  What are some of your favorite apps?

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