Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

My Newest App Obsession: Photography Apps

Dani ~ Original Photograph Taken with Webcam
Original Photograph Taken with Webcam

Last year I started playing around with the camera on my  phone and realized that I kind of enjoy taking pictures.  You can check out my pictures here.  This discover led me to buy a point and shoot camera that I loaned to my daughter and immediately regretted (the camera was lost and recovered broken).  Anyway, I’m back to using my phone for taking pictures which is fun and convenient but also a little boring, so I’ve started using various photography apps on my Droid to spice up my pictures.

Here’s a list of 3 of my favorite apps with links so you can download them to your Android phone:

1.  PhotoFunia ~ This app is so incredibly cool.  There are about 200 effects you can apply to pictures you’ve either uploaded or taken with your phone.  Some of the effects offer cool tricks like flickering flames, dancing people and sketching artists…  My favorite is the vignette with the vintage television set.

Picture Edited with picplz, "The 70s" Filter Applied
Picture Edited with picplz, "The 70s" Filter Applied

2.  picplz ~ I discovered this app over the weekend and I’ve had soooo much fun playing with it.  Picplz is a photo app that allows you to upload photos and then style them with various filter effects.  There are four effects:  the 70s, High Contrast Monochrome, Instant Film and Russian Toy Camera (my fave).  You can also share uploaded pictures on Twitter, Flicker and Facebook.

3.  Retro Camera ~ This is a fun little app that lets you kick it old school with 5 vintage cameras:  The Bärbl, Little Orange Box (my personal favorite), Xolaroid 2000, pinhOle camera and FudgeCan.

I’m totally digging all of these little effects, they make taking pictures so much fun.

Do you have a favorite photography app on your phone?  What’s your favorite filter?

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