Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

On My Mind

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Here are some of the things that are on my mind:

  • We had company the other night and I made Chicken Florentine Lasagna using this recipe by The Cozy Apron. It was so very good. It was the first time I’ve ever made it. Everyone kept saying I was brave to try something new with company. It was worth the risk.
  • I’m thinking about joining a gym. I’m just not sure if I should do it now or wait until after I start work and get into the groove. My fear is that if I wait I won’t do it.
  • I really want some seafood. Like true blue so authentic I can taste the oil from the last oil spill seafood. I have no idea where to go for this.
  • It seems that food is on my mind… I know I think about other things.
  • Sometimes The Hubs asks me what I’m thinking about because of the faces I make and I tell him “Nothing”. Sometimes so many thoughts go through my mind that I can’t even keep track. Other times my mind really is a complete blank.
  • I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of everyone with their fathers yesterday. Father’s Day is always bitter sweet for me. My birth father passed away, so there is no calling or saying “I love you”. But then I remember all the wonderful men who stepped in and filled that gap and I know that I’m loved.
  • I don’t understand why people want to give the Emanuel AME Church shooter a pass. He is not mentally ill. He is not a kid. He was not targeting those folks because of their religious beliefs. He knew exactly what he was going to do when he walked into that church and he knew exactly what he did when he walked out of that church. He was sane enough to go into a place where he knew the people would be unarmed and unable to protect themselves. He did not walk into the hood or go up to a group of black guys.

What’s on your mind? Share in the comments and let’s talk!

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