Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

One {What I Wore Wednesday}

Yay! throws confetti We made it to the first Wednesday of 2012 and you know what that means ~ It’s time for What I Wore Wednesday! Are you ladies ready for another 52 weeks of fun and fashion? I know I am.

I only have one outfit this week but I’ve literally been in sweats the rest of the time. Hey, don’t judge, my family’s been home and we’ve just been kickin’ it. But real life started today, so I’ll be getting dressed and taking pictures.

What I Wore Sunday: New Year’s Day Church Services

What I Wore Sunday

What I Wore Sunday

The inspiration for this outfit was an episode of Friends. I know, that show is so 2004 but I still love the clothes. Well, most of them… Anyway, in the final episode,”Monica” wears an outfit very similar to what I’m wearing above of course, Courtney Cox was pregnant in that episode but still… I just find that this is a great go~to outfit for me when I’m having one of those days when nothing fits or feels comfortable.

Do you have a go~to outfit?

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