Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Our Trip to Sandestin, FL

Flower Sandestin FL {living outside the stacks}

Flower outside of our rental unit

Last week I wrote about how The Hubs and I were going back and forth over throwing caution to the wind and buying an RV. Well, we ended up not getting the RV. We talked, we went back and forth, we wrote down the pros and cons and, ultimately, we just couldn’t do it. We have three kids in college, so taking on additional debt right now just isn’t a good idea. Sometimes I hate being responsible because I really hated to let the RV go. I’d already mentally planned our trips, thought of blog ideas, etc. End whining. 

What we did decide to do was be totally spur of the moment and go on vacation. The Hubs was able to secure a rental unit for us in Sandestin, Florida for the weekend, so we decided to just do it before we changed our minds or some emergency popped up. And, you guys, it was so worth the impulse thrill…

Jokes Sandestin FL {living outside the stacks}

Pilfered from my kid’s Instagram. She’s got jokes, y’all.

In the Water Destin FL {in the living outside the stacks}

I did eventually adjust to the cool temperatures. And, oh my word, was it niiiice…

Us Sandestin FL {living outside the stacks}

We were totally relaxed and had a ton of fun!

Sunset Over the Water Sandestin FL {living outside the stacks}

Just breathtaking!

Notice I didn’t post a lot of pictures. I was too busy having fun.

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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