Kelly Ripa’s Cake Off for a Cause

We’ve all seen Kelly Ripa’s incredibly funny commercials for Electrolux where she demonstrates the wonders of motherhood and how we balance laundry, cooking, sleepovers, parties, pets and, hardest of all, husbands. So it seems only fitting that the two uberforces of motherhood would join forces to raise money for a […]

Weigh~In Wednesday

Today is the final day of the Rethink Your Shrink Weigh~In Wednesday at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. *sniffle* We’ve come a long way, sisters… When I first started this journey, I was feeling all kinds of yucky ~ fat, bloated, undesirable, unhealthy, tired, etc. Now it’s six weeks later […]

Woo Hoo! I Ran Today

I’m fresh off my first day of the C25K program, as in I just got home from the track and I wanted to write this post before I lost my endorphin high. When I first arrived at the track, I was a little intimidated for a variety of reasons: ~ […]

Sports Ties

I am not a sports fan. In fact, I could truly care less about football. What I am, though, is a fan of New Orleans. My love affair with New Orleans started in 1991 when I was a student at Dillard University. There was something about the city that captured […]

Historical Ties

February is Black History Month and I’m never really quite sure how to handle it. Should I write a post dedicated to some aspect of Black history? Should I write a month long series? Should I just ignore it and move on? I think my attitude reflects the conflicted world […]

Product Review: POM Wonderful

I’m a big fan of the exotic ~ be it person, place or thing. If it’s different I’m drawn to it (just ask my poor children who have to go through life with names like Anjuli, Jazmine and Arkese). But I especially love exotic foods (seriously, there is almost nothing […]

Coming Untied

Omg, this posting once a day on the topic of ties is sooo much harder than I thought it’d be. In my head I had all of these wonderful ideas… I mean the words were just flowing. In reality, not so much. It’s only the fifth day and I’m already […]

Go Red for Women 2010

For more information about women and heart disease check out the American Heart Association.

Community Ties

Today at lunch, my husband and I were talking about community service projects and the things we do to give back to the community. I know, a weird conversation but there was a reason… The conversation started with me having a pity party for myself because I still haven’t been […]

Weigh~In Wednesday

This is week 5 of Weigh In Wednesday for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! I cannot believe it’s been this long. Again, I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking it out. So let’s see how I’ve done this week: Measurements Bust ~ 36 in Arm ~ 12 3/4 in […]