Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Sam’s Club: Buying in Bulk

Today my husband and I finally took the plunge and purchased a Sam’s Club membership. You’d think since we have 4 teenagers and a dog who thinks he’s a teenager that we would have done this a long time ago.

So what prompted us to make that move? Waking up to no breakfast cereal, even though I just purchased 6 boxes of cereal on Wednesday of last week. My kids can throw down when it comes to cereal.
Before purchasing a membership, we decided to take a walk around the store and see if the ROI would be worth it for us. Holy smokes! I’ve seen the satire on the tv shows but I was not prepared for the big honkin’ boxes of Pop Tarts. I was impressed – my kids LOVE Pop Tarts. And the price wasn’t bad but what sold me was the big box of Cookie Crisps for a little under $5. Cookie Crisps and Pop Tarts are major deals in my family.
I wanted to go the “cheap route” and purchase the Sam’s Club Advantage membership for $40 but my husband figured with the size of our family we should go with the Advantage Plus membership for $100. This membership offers all the privileges of the Advantage membership – shopping at Sam’s Club Stores nationwide, along with a complimentary health and medical discount card (not sure how I’ll use this but I’ll figure out if it’s worth it), special eValues that are loaded directly onto the card (these values are based on previous purchases), as well as other little bonuses.
I’ve tried using coupons to cut back on the food bill (which, by the way, averages between $250 and $275 every two weeks, with runs to the store for little things like eggs, milk, sugar, etc) but there never seem to be coupons for the things my family actually eats. I have no idea who those women are who buy $170 worth of groceries for $40 bucks using coupons. Really? What are they eating?
So tomorrow the plan is to use my new membership and do some grocery shopping. In order for my membership to be worth the money, I have to be able to purchase enough food to last my family for 2 weeks for less than $250. This means that all of those bulk purchases will have to last and my family will have to like what I purchase.
Here are some websites I checked for tips on shopping at Sam’s Club (you can take the girl out of the library but you can’t take the library out of the girl – I still do my research):
Mommy Savers – offers reader tips for the best Sam’s Club buys
Fiddledeedee – takes readers on a shopping trip to her local Sam’s Club
Now to make the grocery list….

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