Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Small Talk Six Disney Characters I’d Like to Meet for Coffee

Today’s Small Talk Six topic is to list six Disney characters we find interesting. Hmmmm…so many possibilities… Ok, let’s just say that through some wrinkle in the reality/fantasy continuum I was allowed to meet six Disney characters for coffee, I’d choose the following:

6. Fairy Godmother ~ She gives the impression of being a cross between Edith Bunker and Marie Barone. Granting wishes, adding ditz and a little bit of snark ~ oh so fun!

5. Maleficent ~ She’s the self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” who cops a serious attitude for not being invited to a baby’s christening. Oh, really? Well, you’re being included now, doll, let’s move on shall we?

4. Mary Poppins ~ She’s the reason there are so many spoiled kids walking around today, “a spoon full of sugar” indeed! But I’d really like to find out where she bought that carpet bag, because a girl could really use a bag like that.

3. Bambi ~ I just really want to stress how important it is that his family members not run out in front of moving vehicles because it causes drivers to panic and swerve. Oh, wait, that could be pay back for deer season. Never mind, as you were….

2. Grumpy ~ I’d like to play shrink and help him work out some of his issues. I understand people have bad days, but dude was like always angry. Then again, I guess if I were 4 foot nothing and lived in a cave with 6 other guys I’d have an attitude too.

1. Cruella DeVille ~ Ok, girlfriend wears some pretty nice furs (sorry PETA but, dang, they make even me take a second look at a Dalmation). However, I would sit her down in front of my computer, and introduce her to faux furriers like Dennis Basso, Adrienne Landau, et al.

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*This post is not endorsed by Disney, Dennis Basso or Adrienne Landau

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