Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Small Talk Six Saturdays…

…except today is Monday and I’m ok with that. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always late but at least I show up, right? Right. Anyway, I found a cute little meme at Trisha Qween of the Eweniverse and thought it’d be fun to participate. It’s just a way for the ladies to bring a little life into the weekend lull. If you’d like to join, just go here and follow the directions.

This Saturday’s Monday’s topic is: 6 Jobs I Think It’d Be a Blast to Have

*Maybe it’s from watching Casablanca too many times or really wanting to wear a fedora, trench and high heels without looking like I’m primed for seduction, but I have always wanted to be a spy.
*When I’m in the shower, I have the most amazing voice evar. I mean Mariah Carey has nothing on me. In reality, dogs howl, babies cry and my family begs me to stop but I’d really love to be a singer.
*I oughtta be in pictures but since I’m not, I force my family to participate in my dramadies. Don’t think I let them have all the fun, every now and then I throw them a curve ball and I act like my old teenage self – chair dancing, playing loud music and just being silly.
*If Rachel Ray can do it, I figure, I can too. There’s not a meal I won’t try to cook and if it doesn’t come out looking like something in a magazine, I simply tell the family that’s how it’s supposed to turn out.
*Once upon a time, HGTV had me convinced that I could rewire my entire house. Luckily, my husband caught me before I killed myself. Now I limit myself to redecorating the house with repurposed goods.
*For a hot minute, I thought I could be a nurse in the E.R. I didn’t realize that Eric LaSalle and George Clooney were atypical until I actually had to go to a real emergency room. And, um, the sick people….not so glamorous. But playing one on t.v.? Niiiiiice.

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