Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Sports Ties

I am not a sports fan. In fact, I could truly care less about football. What I am, though, is a fan of New Orleans. My love affair with New Orleans started in 1991 when I was a student at Dillard University. There was something about the city that captured my heart and never let it go…

To be honest, I know what that “something” was, it was the people, the food, the music, the culture, the architecture, the history. It was everything. To this day, my love of New Orleans is reflected in my home’s decor (lots of fleur~de~lis, wrought iron and warm yet incredibly bold tones).

Tonight my beloved city is celebrating their Super Bowl win and I want to take this time to wish all of the Saints a heartfelt congratulations.

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