Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Things I Learn When the Kids Miss the Bus

School BusI love my children and I welcome random moments when I get to spend time with them one~on~one.  They can seriously crack me up sometimes and other times I learn things about them that I probably wouldn’t have learned had it been the family hanging out.  On this particular day, I learned absolutely nothing about my son but I did learn something about myself…

Usually I drive the kids to the bus stop in the mornings and sit with them until the bus arrives (I know the whole “back in my day we walked up hill in the snow in February” thing but we have bears and thanks to my husband we’re all super paranoid).  Anyway, I didn’t have any gas in my car (the needle was past the “E”) so I told the kids they’d have to risk it and walk.  I instantly fell back to sleep.

Meanwhile, the kids arrived at the bus and much to Mr. 15’s surprise he discovered that he had forgotten his back pack.  How he managed to forget a back pack that he carries to school EVERY DAY is beyond me.  Anyway, he walked back to the house and proceeded to ring the door bell, which I never heard.  However, I did hear the dog barking insanely.  Now, by this time, I had fallen into a deep coma like sleep and thought I was dreaming that the dog was barking so I didn’t even move.  I just cursed the dog and all the noise that he was making and turned over.  A few minutes later, I thought I heard someone in the house and this was literally my first thought:  Alright, they’re just gonna have to kill me right here in the bed ’cause I’m not moving.  Yes, I was that tired.  My second thought was:  I don’t want the kids to come home and say “Dang, she didn’t even try.” So I rolled out of bed and started walking down the hall.  Meanwhile, the dog was still barking…

That’s when I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  I looked out the door and saw my son standing there, looking totally peeved.  I opened the door and he said “Mom, you know I’ve been ringing the doorbell for 20 minutes!”

Bwahahahaha  That’s what you get for “forgetting” your backpack, yo

Anyway, he missed the bus so I had to drive him to school.  I ended up feeling guilty about the 20 minute wait so I took him to get coffee and a pumpkin muffin before heading off to school but not before I made him check the garage for birds (that’s another story for another day) and pumping gas in my car.

And what did I learn about myself?  If I’m tired enough I will sleep through anything and try to blow it off as a dream…