Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Training for My #5Kfor40 {In the Gym}

Training for #5Kfor40 {Living Outside the Stacks}

Yesterday was day 2 of training for my 5K. I wasn’t as nervous as I was the first day. I guess because I kinda knew what to expect: run 2 laps around the track and then jog/run for 30 minutes with stretching before and after. I think our group got smaller. I didn’t bother to count the bodies but there were a few faces missing. I don’t know if this is normal fall out or if something popped up and they couldn’t make it. I hope they didn’t quit.

I paid $45 for this plus the cost of shoes, sports bras, shorts and tees, I can’t afford to quit. Plus I like the idea of being a runner. There was something about being on that track that made me want to do a couple of back flips. I wasn’t the fastest runner or the prettiest runner {in fact, I’m pretty certain I look like Phoebe in that episode of Friends when I run} but I was doing it. And, in the end, that’s all that matters. I laced up my runners and did that thang.

We have our first timed run next Wednesday. That has me concerned. Back in the day, it used to take me almost a full 15~20 minutes to run a mile. Yes, seriously. And most of that was walking. That’s just how out of shape and unathletic I was. Now here I am, not only training to run my first 5K, but I’m thinking about other races.

I’m also thinking about things I can during my off days to increase my fitness level. I’ve read a lot of articles and blog posts that say cross training is good for overall fitness. So maybe I can add weight training… I wouldn’t mind having arms like FLOTUS.

What’s your fitness routine? Do you cross train?

Feel free to follow my training and cheer me on as I RUN the Capaha Classic 5K on 13 July. You can follow my progress on Instagram and Twitter.

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