Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Training for My #5Kfor40 {In the Gym}

Training for #5Kfor40 {Living Outside the Stacks}Yesterday was my last day running with my 5K training group. sadness I’ve probably worked harder at running and being fit in the last 8 weeks than I have in goodness knows how long.  Y’all I did some serious sweating! Don’t believe me check out my pictures on Instagram. Also this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything. I usually quit after the second week, so this has been a big two months for me. Paying for the training, knowing that people were cheering me on, being accountable to my family and myself, etc. that all helped.

Our last session involved a warm~up run, some stretching, and a timed mile. I did OK well. There was a time when it took me almost 13 minutes to run 1 mile, so seeing that time come off is cause for celebration. I know if I keep at it, I’ll only get better, stronger, and faster.

I’ve already made plans to take the training class again in the fall. Running with a group of women who are at my same skill level has been good for my psyche. And watching us all improve, has done wonders for my self~esteem. There were a couple of women who were incredibly fast and had loads of endurance, they pushed me to do better. It’s amazing what the human body can do when you get your mind right.

Beginning Timed Run: 12 minutes 28 seconds

Date: 29 April 2013

Ending Timed Run: 11 minutes 41 seconds

Date: 10 July 2013

Distance: 1 mile

My goals are to continue running, increase my speed/endurance, and run as many races as I can. I’m sorta addicted to the tee shirts. I have three now! All earned with sweat and tears.

Thanks to my friend, Merry Ann, and an invite from Scott McQuay, I was able to meet up with the graduates of Cape Girardeau’s Run for God class and they’ve invited me to join them. happiness I was really worried about losing my group because I need the motivation, push, and support that comes with having accountability partners.

I met with the group for the first time on Tuesday evening and was happy to see a few faces that I recognized from the race. I also like the format that they’ve set up, it consists of group runs, a weekly devotional, and support for community races {especially those that have a community service/charity focus to them}. We’ll be using The Runner’s Devotional for training and talking points, which I’m excited about. So cool to be able to incorporate faith into fitness!

My next race is the Capaha Classic 5K on Saturday, 13 July. I will rock this!

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