Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Daenel THi, welcome to Living Outside the Stacks!  Handing you a cup of coffee

About Me:
My name is Daenel and I have the research skills of a librarian, the preservation skills of an archivist, the organizational skills of a mother and the domestic skills of a Stepford Wife.  I’ve been married for sixteen years and have five children and two grandchildren.  We have a dog named Squeekerz who would sell out the family for a slice of bread or a box of Girl Scout Cookies (the shortbreads).

I have mad crazy love for monkeys and an irrational fear of birds and cats.  It’s best not to delve too deeply into that but let’s just say the bird thing stems from living in Italy for several years and, um, cats jump ~ it freaks me out. Before I became a librarian, I used to model.  My favorite gig was working at the Nascar races in the Poconos.  So.  Much.  Fun.  And so incredibly loud.

I enjoy kicking back with a cup of coffee and watching television when I have down time.  I love rocking out to Glee or getting caught up in historical mysteries, Brad Meltzer call me, or enveloping myself in conspiracy theories, Jesse Ventura ~ you’re the man!  My favorite tech toys are Vivi, my Vivienne Tam notebook and Dori, my Droid.  They go everywhere with me and, yes, I’ve named them.

What I Write About:
I write about a lot of things, some of them related to the silly things that my kids have said, like in the post called Mommy, What Color Were Our Eggs? Sometimes I write book reviews, so far Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay is my favorite book of the year ~ very emotional.  I’m also an avid vlogger, sometimes I simply prefer to talk, ya know?  Anyway, I invite you to look around and make yourself at home.  Feel free to look through my photo albums, listen to some music, grab a book from my library or just wander around my blog.  And please, leave a comment to let me know you were here.

Connect with Me:
Twitter:  @DaenelT
Flickr:  DaenelT’sPhotostream
Contributing Blogger:  Eighty MPH Mom

Ultimate Blog Party 2011Party Invitation:
Everyone is welcome to this party.  All you have to do is head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and follow the directions.  Don’t forget to grab the badge, leave a link to your post and then do some partying at your neighbor’s blog.

What I’d Like to Win:
I don’t enter contests very often but when I do, I hope that I win.  Really, why else would I enter, right? Anyway, here are the giveaways that I’ve entered and the prizes that I’d like to receive…

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