Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Website Review:

6PM.comI’ve lived in Northeast Pennsylvania for 13 years and every year I promise myself that I’ll buy a decent pair of winter boots and this year I finally did it ~ I bought myself a decent pair of winter boots. But I’m not going to review the boots (not yet, anyway), I’m gonna review the website.

This is the second time I’ve purchased a pair of shoes from and this is the second time I’ve been impressed with the company.  The first time I ordered from them was a couple of years ago, I bought a pair of Clark’s Indigo shoes (which I love, by the way).  Shopping online for shoes can be hit or miss:

  • Are the shoes comfortable?
  • Do they run small or large?
  • Are they as cute in real life?

The questions about the product are endless but my concern is about the customer service ~ what happens if I have a problem with the shoes?

Well, I got the chance to find out.  When I first ordered the boots, I decided to go up a size because the interior of the shoes are lined with wool, after I placed the order I changed my mind.  I logged back into the site to change my order (or cancel and reorder) but I couldn’t because the order was already in process.  Seriously, it was only 15 minutes between the time I placed the order and when I changed my mind.  So I called customer service and explained to the CS rep what I wanted to do and she helped me out.

The order was placed on 15 December and the boots arrived on 20 December.  That’s a pretty good turnaround time.  Unfortunately, the boots have to be returned.  I wore them to work today and one of the grommets broke.  I work in a library, so I don’t do heavy physical labor…  Anyway, I called customer service again and was told that they normally don’t accept returns on shoes that have been worn but they’d make an exception for me.  I’ll be returning the shoes tomorrow and reordering another pair (that should tell you how much I adore the boots).

Would I recommend to my friends?  Absolutely.  Would I order from them again?  You bet I would.  The shoe selection is incredible (wide variety of styles, colors and sizes). I also thought the prices were fairly reasonable (anywhere from 25% to 80% off MSRP).  And they don’t just sell shoes, they also sell clothes, jewelry and other accessories.