Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Weigh~In Wednesday

Now that my vision has returned, I am in the process of moving back into my normal routine.  Yay!  Yesterday I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 50 minutes.  Omg, did it feel good!  For a few minutes it felt like my heart was gonna pop through my chest but I pushed past it and managed to burn 352 calories and walk 3.64 miles.  I’m taking things slowly but I’m pretty happy with yesterday’s workout.

Honestly, though, I wasn’t expecting much by way of weight loss but I’m thrilled to report that the scale is on the downward slide!

Bust ~ 37 3/4 in
Arm ~ 12 1/2 in
Waist ~ 31 1/4 in
Abdomen ~ 37 in
Hips ~ 41 1/4 in
Thigh ~ 24 in

Weight ~ 157.9 lbs  (~1.9 lbs)

Go Team Off the Oreos!

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