Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

What I Wore Wednesday #16

Hey, y’all!  Thanks for stopping by…  I’m on a natural high today ~ the kids start school tomorrow and I’m soooo excited.  Mr and Miss 15 are going in to the 10th grade and Miss 14 is starting the 9th.  And Miss 17 is getting dropped off at her dorm on Thursday.  As in all 3 kids will be leaving the house tomorrow at roughly the same time.  Eep! Where did my babies go?  So tomorrow there will be the obligatory First Day of School Pictures but today is What I Wore Wednesday, so let’s let Momma shine….

What I Wore Thursday:  Funky Feathers

What I Wore ThursdayI wore this to enroll the kids in school.  I’m not usually a shirt tucker inner but this week was all about stepping out of my comfort zone.  The feather headband was something fun that I picked up while shopping with my daughters.  Yes, I realize I’m afraid of birds and that feathers come from birds but, again, it’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone

What I Wore Monday:  Peasant Girl

What I Wore MondayI bought this dress while shopping with my mom in Mississippi.  Normally I would have worn it without the belt but I decided to belt it and go.  I’m not sure that’s a look I’ll repeat though.  I’m a little, um, top heavy…  The shoes have been my favorite this week.  I think I wore them every day.

What I Wore Tuesday:  Ditzy Print Momma

What I wore TuesdayHands down, this was my favorite outfit of the week.  I very rarely wear little teensy floral prints and I almost never wear button downs, I did both with this outfit.  And I wore the shirt tucked in with a belt!  The hubs said he wasn’t a fan of the shirt but I like it, so it stays.  Besides it was a fab find for $3.  Seriously, can you beat that?

If your husband didn’t like something that you were wearing would you change your clothes, get rid of the item or continue to wear it?

I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday, check her out for more fashion inspiration…

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