Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

What I Wore Wednesday #3

On Saturday I’ll be hosting my first meme! It’s called SHOE STYLE SATURDAY! To participate all you have to do is post a picture of your favorite pair of shoes from the week and then link up here. I’ll post more info later today. I’d love if you’d join me. Thank you.

What I Wore Wednesday ~ Thursday
Thursday's Outfit

T~Shirt ~ Deb’s
Jeans ~ Kmart


What I Wore Wednesday ~ Friday
Friday's Outfit

Tunic, Necklace ~
Bracelets ~ Target
Jeans ~ Old Navy

What I Wore Wednesday ~ Sunday
Sunday's Outfit

Tunic ~
Jeans ~ Kmart
Bracelets ~ Target

What I Wore Wednesday ~ Monday
Monday's Outfit

Cardigan, Dress, Necklace ~ Target
Leggings ~ Rite Aid

I totally stepped out of my comfort zone with this outfit. I’ve seen the dress with leggings look but thought I was way too old to pull it off. Now I’m thinking I can do it!

What I Wore Wednesday
Tuesday's Outfit

Cardigan ~ Deb’s
Tunic ~ Dot’s
Necklace ~ Target
Leather Cuff ~ 3 Sister
Jeans ~ Kmart

The Pleated PoppyWhat I Wore Wednesday was started by Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy as a way to force herself out of the stay~at~home/work~at~home mom wardrobe of tees and sweats.  Now others have joined in just because, well, it’s fun and it gives you ideas for different ways to mix and match your clothes.  And, seriously, don’t we all need a little inspiration? To join in, all you have to is take pictures of what you wore all week, post it to your blog and then let Lindsey know…  Don’t forget to grab her badge!

PS I totally need to get a longer mirror and a better camera.  I was wearing some really cute shoes on Sunday and Monday and you can’t even see them.  Also I finally got brave and decided to post a week’s worth of pictures instead of my usual one.  Yay me!

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