Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Where Bloggers Live: My Dream Bathroom

Hey, y’all, hey! How are things in your neck of the woods? Things are going really well over here. We’re about to start the beginning of a new term and I already have a mega library orientation lined up for Monday. I say “mega” because this will be a virtual library orientation for three practical nursing classes and one cosmetology class. Quite the mix, right? I’m pretty excited about it though. And a little nervous. I’ve done two online presentations so far and one went really badly and the other went really well. I’ll be happy with something in the middle.

Anyway, this month’s blog post is supposed to be about our bathrooms. I HATE MY BATHROOM. The bathroom at our house in Georgia was the size of a bedroom. It had a glass enclosed shower, a jacuzzi tub, vanities on either side of the bathroom, and a separate water closet. And it had THE BEST NATURAL LIGHT EVER.

Our current master bathroom is dark, cramped, and has almost no storage. The floor is this weird cement/stone type material that would probably look pretty cool if I did something with the space around it. You know, a pretty rug, some wall art, a colorful shower curtain…

The Hubs and I talk about renovating it in the near future. We want to remove the tub and toilet and turn that entire space into a shower and then turn what is currently my closet into a water closet. As this is our retirement home, neither of us is really relishing the thought of trying to step into a tub to shower once we get up there in years. We’re thinking that we’ll probably leave the sink and mirror where they are, but we go back and forth on that.


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I should note – because this is super important – the creative brain behind this project is Bettye at Fashion Schlub! Love her!

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THE THEME: My Dream Bathroom

As you can see from the pictures above, the master bathroom looks nothing like the rest of the house. There’s no color or decor anywhere. The shower curtain is functional but neutral. And the storage is, like I said, nil. And, while I do spend a lot of time looking at decorative items for the bathroom, I have yet to make a purchase. I probably ought to go ahead and do it now, instead of waiting for a remodel. It’s kind of like waiting for a special occasion to use the fancy dishes…



I love the color scheme and the pattern. The fringe is my favorite part. Kind of reminds me of the curtains in our bedroom.


This rug is just so funky, don’t you think? I like the pattern and the colors. I’m not sure how much they’d match with the towels but the thing about eclectic chic is that things don’t have to match, they just have to go together.


I have a single window in my bathroom, just above the toilet, right now privacy is provided by blinds. Yes, those ugly horizontal blinds. But I really want these macrame valances. They’re just so very cool.




None of our bathrooms have a lot of storage space, so I love love love both of these storage units. I’d use the wall one for soaps, lotions, and such. The small containers are ideal for toilet paper, cotton balls, and other little odds and ends.

You can see more of my bathroom ideas over on Pinterest.

Now it’s your turn,

Leave a comment telling me about your bathroom. Do you like it, love it, or is it just a place you have to go because, well, you have to go?


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