Horses in Spring

Berry Sweater Multicolored Horse Print Dress Black Tights and Berry Clarks {living outside the stacks}

I love horses. Not as much as I love monkeys though. But I do love horses. The funny thing is I’ve never been close enough to one to touch it. But given the chance? Not only would I touch it, but I’d beg for lessons and go for a ride. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so….

Multicolored horse print dress it is.

Berry Sweater Multicolored Horse Print Dress Black Tights and Berry Clarks {living outside the stacks}

The Hubs picked this dress out for me many years ago. And I’ve worn it a couple of times before {you can see how I styled it previously here and here}. It remains one of my Spring faves because I can easily pair it with tights and a cardi for cooler days and then wear it bare~legged with sandals when it starts to warm up. Although I have to admit that I prefer it with tights because of the shorter length.

Berry Sweater Multicolored Horse Print Dress Black Tights and Berry Clarks {living outside the stacks}

I’m still working on ways to incorporate the Fitbit Charge HR into my styling. sigh I think you almost miss it with the combination of bangles and leather cuff. Almost.

Berry Sweater Multicolored Horse Print Dress Black Tights and Berry Clarks {living outside the stacks}

The shoes are from Clark’s and oh my word they are so comfortable. When I first bought them I thought I’d never find anything to wear with them because of the berry color. I was wrong. I treat them as a neutral and go with it.

Funny thing about the cardigan. It has been sitting in my drawer for years. Like maybe 8 or 9 years and I think I’ve worn it twice. It was an impulse buy. I’m so not a rhinestone button kinda girl, but I thought I’d wear it with jeans and a white tee. Yeah, that never happened. But this morning I was all I don’t wanna wear my usual black cardi, so I popped this one on and loved it. And it goes with the shoes. But it doesn’t match the dress. So win.

Do you have a favorite dress or outfit that you like to transition from Spring to Summer? Or do you have a seasonal wardrobe?

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  • Jen

    Love this outfit! The print is sweet and the berry color of the cardigan and those shoes — oh, those SHOES! — are perfection. I have two pairs of Clarks… and counting. 🙂

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style,

    • I’m so digging Clark’s. It’s funny because I’ve had those and a second pair in my closet forever and rarely wore them… One day I put them on and was like YES!!! LOL I’ll be adding more to my closet. Oh, and Fleuvogs. I don’t have a pair yet but I’m pretty sure they’re required to keep my librarian card.

  • This is such a fun dress! Yes, you would love to touch and ride a gorgeous horse, but they can be a bit intimidating at first. I am so happy you went with the purple cardigan instead of black – it looks wonderful, especially with those berry oxfords. I think the mix with your fitbit does a nice job of helping it blend in. It kind of looks like it’s another leather cuff. 🙂

    • I can’t believe my husband picked this. He and I have such different taste. I mean very very different. LOL

      I love the purple cardi so much. I’m thinking that I need to get a couple of other fun colors.

  • I try to transition all of my dresses by layering them with sweaters and cardigans during the cooler months. And horses are my favorite animal as well. My hometown has a spring carnival every year and offer goers the chance to ride horses. We also lived next to a farm a few years ago and had horses in our backyard! I miss that house and can’t wait to move to the country and own a few myself.

    • That is so fun! I can’t get over how many people ride horses. I was talking to my coworker and she said that her son shows horses. So, maybe, hopefully, I’ll get close enough to touch one. LOL

      Cardis are the best for transitioning. I wear them even in the summer because – oh my word – why does the air always have to be on freezing?!

  • Audrey McCulley

    I like you have tons of cardigan and there are some I wonder often…”why did you buy this”? but I can seem to part with things that I ponder over when I am donating . Everyday I create something different with the pieces in my wardrobe…I love creating new looks that I hope I remember putting together…LOL but in the summer time I keep it simple… Maxi…Maxi.. Maxi… Maxi dress are my favorite during this time.

    • LOL I do that with a lot of the stuff in my closet. Like at the store it’s so pretty and shiny and cool then I get it home and I’m all what? Do the clothes change when they get in the car?

      I love love love maxi dresses too. They’re the absolute best. Even in the winter. I’ll pair them with boots, tights, and a long sweater.

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