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When I was a teenager, people used to tease me because of my eclectic taste in clothes. In fact, one of my favorite outfits was a bubble gum pink short sleeved top and pants set that I wore with a pair of off white cut-out leather booties. I was so proud of this outfit, especially when I found a pink hat to match. You couldn’t tell me anything. But, kids being kids, they did. So I packed my pretty in pink outfit away and pulled out this outfit instead. Not much better, but it didn’t get me teased. Very often.

If only I’d known then what I know now…

Style – all who have it share one thing: originality.

~ Diana Vreeland

When I joined the Army, getting dressed was easy. I put on my BDUs and called it a day {even though I’m fairly certain I was out of regulation most of the time}. But when I got out, I wasn’t sure how to dress, so I stuck to a basic uniform of sweater, jeans, and combat boots. Seriously. But then I started going to school, then I got a job, and I had to start wearing “real” clothes.

I went back to the things that made me feel unique and comfortable. The clothes of my youth. The styles that I loved when I lived in Italy. The color and pattern play of Lisa Bonet’s character on The Cosby Show. I even thought about the places that made me feel sexy {New Orleans, you will always hold a special place in my heart}. And that is how I started to dress. This is how I continue to dress. I let the things, places, and people I know influence me and I interpret them to reflect who I am and who I want to be.

Every woman should feel empowered to wear what makes her comfortable regardless of her age. And the older I get, the more comfortable I’m becoming with my personal taste and the way that I choose to express myself. Being over forty doesn’t make me invisible, if anything, it makes me want to be more visible. So, I invite you to see and be seen through two of my favorite linkups: Ageless Style and Style Imitating Art.

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Now go play in your closet,

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