Hi, I’m Daenel Vaughn-Tucker, I’m the blogger and photographer behind Living Outside the Stacks. I speak fluent TV quotes and can reference an episode of The Twilight Zone for just about any life event. I car dance shamelessly at red lights and am musically stuck in the eighties, however, I enjoy the seventies and nineties too.

I’m over 50 and have been addicted to clothes and coffee since I was kid. My unique fashion style is heavily influenced by my childhood in Italy and a desire to create a sustainable wardrobe of pieces that speak to me and showcase my personality. I love a good pattern mix and color clash — it keeps things interesting.

I’ve been a librarian for over twenty years and have just discovered the convenience and joy of audiobooks. I’ve learned that the narrator plays as important a role in the storytelling as the actual story, so I do include my thoughts on the narration in my reviews. I enjoy mysteries, biographies, and historical fiction, so if you have recommendations, feel free to share.

A little over a decade ago, The Hubs bought me my first camera and I’ve been chasing light ever since. I mostly take photos for the college where I work, but I work on personal projects as well. You can see them here.

My faith is important to me and is reflected in everything I do.

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Thanks for stopping by, I’m really happy you’re here.

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