Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Red 15
So are you all enjoying this challenge so far? I know I am. I’m learning so much from looking at the photographs that all of you have shared (and your tips and tricks have been invaluable). I think the main thing I’ve learned is always have my camera ready, because […]

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Red

No Cell Phones 20
The hubs will tell anyone who asks that he prayed that God would send someone like me into his life. He will also tell them that he should have been a little more specific in his request, you know other than “Please let her be smart and pretty enough that […]

No Cell Phones in Hospitals, Or How the Hubs Almost ...

Scripture & a Snapshot 6
I started participating in the Word Filled Wednesday meme as a way to share my faith with others in the hopes that hearts would be touched and, perhaps, others will think about their relationship with Christ. I have accepted Christ as my personal savior and I believe that it is […]

Word Filled Wednesday: Your Light Will Break Forth

Yarn Along 12
1 Peter 2:24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. A friend of mine is dealing with cancer, so I’m making this scarf and flower pin set to […]

Yarn Along

What I Wore Sunday 10
JOIN ME FOR SHOE STYLE SATURDAY THIS SATURDAY FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE Remember last week when I said I was gonna dress like a grownup? Yeah, well it didn’t happen. My readers are smart. A couple of them suggested that I am, in fact, dressing like a grownup and that […]

What I Wore Wednesday #25 and real momma. real style.

Cooking for My Captain 2
JOIN ME FOR SHOE STYLE SATURDAY THIS SATURDAY FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE I’m linking up with the following blogs for Wordless Wednesday. Please stop by and check them out: Tammi @ My Organized Chaos You can see more of my photographic efforts by clicking here to see my Flickr stream…

Wordless Wednesday: The Girls

Welcome to Cape Girardeau, Missouri 6
We’re not allowed to talk about the time before Miss 14 was born. This is a family joke that started when she was about 5 and discovered that we had existed as a happy family of six before she was born. After looking at the family album, Miss 14 (then […]

It Was All About Her, But Really It Was All ...

Lunch 8
This weekend I was supposed to be in St. Louis hanging out with my bloggy friends at Show Me the Blog but do you know where I am? I’m at home. On the sofa. And I’m OK with that. Yesterday my daughter, Miss 14, invited me to her school to […]

Lunch with Miss 14, So Worth It

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge 21
If I thought last week’s challenge to find something yellow was next to impossible, I cannot begin to explain how hard finding something orange was…  Seriously, where is all of the orange stuff? Kid you not, even the pumpkins were white. White pumpkins?! What is that? Then I remembered that […]

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Orange