Mamavation Monday 16
This week I have been a calorie counting, exercise logging, SparkPeople app using machine!  Seriously, I’ve learned so much since I downloaded SparkPeople to my Droid (click here for the mobile download for Droid).  For example, I was drinking a large mocha flavored coffee from a popular coffee place every […]

Mamavation Monday on Sunday

Facebook for Wordpress Comment 2 2
Have you noticed the nifty little Facebook comment space located just above the comments section of my blog?  It’s a nifty little app that I created on Facebook and it allows people to comment and share your post on their Facebook page in one swoop.  This is a great way […]

Facebook App Lets Commenters Easily Share Posts

Mamavation Monday 23
Confession time:  for the few days I haven’t done anything overly strenuous as far as exercising goes.  I worked out with a couple of DVDs and I did my normal walking (just upped it a tad so I felt like I was accomplishing something).  And my eating has been horrendous. […]

Mamavation Monday on Sunday

The Handwriting Meme 11
It’s so funny that I stumbled across this meme on Allie’s blog, Wardrobe Oxygen, because Miss 17 and I were just talking about how writing is becoming a lost art.  Seriously, when I teach classes at the college, I just want to dedicate a couple of classes to writing basics […]

The Handwriting Meme

Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death for women over the age of twenty?  According to the American Heart Association, one woman dies every minute from heart disease!  That is a crazy statistic, especially when you consider there are steps you can take to […]

I May Not Have Rhythm but I Have a Healthy ...

Kareena 7
I like to think I’m a good mother.  I’m firm when I need to be (I’ve stripped their rooms to the bare necessities for punishment) and playful most other times (I’ve sent all four of them the following text message at the same time: “Don’t tell the others but you’re […]

I Love My Kids But It’s On Now {In the ...

Facebook Fan Page 2
Remember a few weeks ago when Facebook rolled out the new profile pages for its users and everyone was upset about some of the features, namely the row of pictures plastered across the top of the page?  Well, guess what?  Now Facebook has rolled out pretty much the same new […]

What Do You Think of the New Facebook Fan Page ...