Supporting the Sistas and the Mommas

When I decided to lose weight, I didn’t know anything about Mamavation or the Sistahood, I just decided to go it alone. Well, actually, I decided to do it after that wake up call but you know what I mean. I had tried to lose weight before and I’d drop […]

Day 13: New Year, New Me ~ Weigh In Wednesday

It’s that time again….The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans have pronounced today Weigh In Wednesday. The purpose of the weigh in is to support and encourage each member to keep moving. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate our success together or work out strategies to overcome a bad day. It’s […]

Day 12: New Year, New Me

Today is the last day to get your applications in for Mamavation. If you are not applying, please take some time to get to know the current round of applicants and show your support by tweeting your love to @bookieboo. Now on to our regularly scheduled programming… It’s day 12 […]

Truthful Tuesday

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought ohmygosh, I can totally feel what she’s singing about? I have. I mean, there have been times when I’ve heard a voice or listened to the words of a song and they’ve reached down so deep within me that […]

My Beginning…

I need to post some before pictures. Oy! This makes me very nervous. I do take a lot of pictures because, well, I like myself from the chin up, but I almost never take or post any of me from the neck down. So here goes… Like the other brave […]

*CLOSED* Simplify My Crazy Sexy Cool But Incredibly Busy Life

Like many women, I am everything to everyone ~ wife, mother, sister, friend, motivator, educator, blogger and, oh, yeah, luva! I spend most of my time bent over my laptop which is precariously perched on the coffee table next to stacks of books, permission slips, pens (yes, I still use […]

Mamavation Monday

This week begins week 2 of my New Year, New Me challenge and I am so incredibly excited and proud of myself. Honestly, this is the longest I have ever stuck with any exercise program. I think one of the biggest reasons is that I’m accountable to someone other than […]

Day 10: New Year, New Me

Today was a day of rest. I think I earned it, don’t you? That doesn’t mean that I totally slacked off though, I did a modified work out ~ 10 minutes on the Weider Stepper. I did it less for the exercise and more for the *umph* to keep motivated. […]

Day 9: New Year, New Me

Food Journal Breakfast ~ 2 Scrambled egg whites, 1 slice of wheat bread, cup of orange juice and 2 cups of coffee with 3 sugars and 3 creams each Lunch ~ Chicken salad on cracked wheat bread with lettuce and tomato, 2 cups of coffee with 3 sugars and 3 […]

Small Talk Six Vivid Childhood Memories

Today’s Small Talk Six topic is to list 6 vivid childhood memories. I have so many that involve so many wonderful people and places, so here goes: 4 yrs old ~ My aunt, Phyllis, and I were out shopping and we walked into a furniture store and I saw this […]