RIP: Elvis the Hamster

Elvis and Koda
Elvis and Koda

This has been a tough week for my children.  This morning, Elvis the Hamster passed away, eight days after we lost his friend, Koda the Hamster. Miss 13 and Miss 14 were concerned that Elvis not be alone when he took his final breath, so I sat with him when they couldn’t be there and Squeekerz, our Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix, sat with him the rest of the time.

Elvis was definitely the friendlier of the two hamsters, he loved to be held and talked to.  In fact, if you walked past his cage, he would immediately stop whatever he was doing and run over to the door, look at you with his big black eyes and do everything possible to get your attention ~ including hanging from the top rungs of his cage.

The girls took his passing as well as can be expected.  We knew he was leaving us to join his friend Koda and we are happy to have had him for the brief time that he lived with us.

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