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Where Bloggers Live: My Vacations

Hi, and welcome to the next installment of Where Bloggers Live. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading these posts as I have writing them. At first, I was just like, yeah, that’ll be fun, but these posts have made me stop and think about my life, my community, […]

Where Bloggers Live: My Kitchen

Hi, and welcome to my kitchen. Unlike most of our homes, this kitchen is not the hang out space. Not because we dislike it but because it really is just about the function. We cook in here, grab our drinks, then sit at the breakfast table {or on the sofa, […]

Daenel T {living outside the stacks}

This Has to End

This post has been edited for clarity of thought, but the original message and intent remains. This has been a tough month and, honestly, I haven’t had the heart, intestinal fortitude, emotional strength, or desire to write anything. All of the words that I would share, all of the feelings […]

Daenel T {living outside the stacks} 4_30 #OnMyFrontPorch

Where Bloggers Live: My Outdoor Space

Hi, and welcome to my space. The Hubs and I have lived here about two years now and I’m just now starting to appreciate having an outdoor living space. No, scratch that, being quarantined has made me appreciate having an outdoor living space. We’ve been confined to our house since […]

Daenel in Office {living outside the stacks}

Where Bloggers Live: How I Work

First of all, I need to apologize to my cohosts. This post was due on Friday. It is now Saturday night Sunday afternoon. I don’t have an excuse other than lack of motivation. Which I guess is kind of appropriate for this post… If you read this blog on a regular […]

Close the Libraries {living outside the stacks}

Close the Libraries

I’ve long been an advocate of access, but I’ve also advocated for protecting library faculty and staff. I’ve worked in libraries where the entire campus shut down BUT the library was required to stay open. One university president even “offered” to have security pick up library staff from their homes […]