Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Week 16: Black and White

Edited Image Daenel Preset {living outside the stacks}

Week 16: Black and White


Edited in Picmonkey: cropped the image and used an original preset to create a moody look

2018 saw the introduction of a new 52 week photography project, which has me totally excited. This year I want to really step out creatively and learn/practice new skills. I’d also really like to do more than just make photos of my morning coffee, although I do enjoy that. So this year I’ve started sharing my favorite photo of the week with either a story or a quote to go along with it.

Recently, I was asked if I could show the original image along with the edited image, so, yeah, absolutely…

Here it is, straight out of camera {SOOC}:

Original SOOC Image {living outside the stacks}


The Hubs and I were camping at Lake Blackshear and we decided to go out to the lake for sunset. If you’re ever camping/RVing in Georgia, I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It’s just beautiful. The people are nice and incredibly friendly. The campgrounds are clean and safe. And the view? Just look at it. You can see more of our RV photos by clicking here.

And because I like to have a little fun when I’m editing…

Edited Image Orange and Purple Ombre {living outside the stacks}

What’re are your plans for the weekend? If you take photos, I’d love to see them. Give me a yell on Instagram or feel free to share them on my Facebook page.

Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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